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    ES900-S GPON Stick 1GE ONT is a new terminal mode for GPON solution, which is a variety of FTTB \ FTTH \ FTTO accessing ONT published by ESPOD for carrier-grade FTTH network applications. It can be plug into L2 Ethernet Switch SFP Slot to work as ONT or even MDU. ES900-S supports standard OMCI, can provide up to 1.25Gbps uplink and 2.5Gbps downlink high-speed transfer rate. It can fully meet carrier-grade FTTB\FTTH\FTTO equipment requirement. The ISP customer need not change the original FTTB Access Switch but just need ES900-S to replace the uplink SFP, so that the whole solution can be replace from Active Fiber Networks to GPON solution, which protect your former investment.11111

  2. Technical Info

    The ES900-S is a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) Stick type ONT in a compact SFP package. The GPON Stick provides a pluggable GPON interface for FTTx and wireless backhaul applications with a compact size and lower power consumption.
    By being plugged into the L2/L3 switch or CPE with standard SFP uplink port directly, the ES900-S provides a 1.244 Gbps upstream and a 2.488 Gbps downstream data link over a single fiber. Any standard Ethernet SFP switch port can simply convert to a GPON ONT port and interconnect to an existing GPON network with the insertion of the module.

    • GPON Features
    – Complete GPON ONT functoinality in a compact SFP package
    – ITU-T G.984.x compliant GPON ONT
    – Data rate of 1.244Gbps/2.488Gbps (US/DS)
    – Managed by OLT over GPON via G.988 OMCI channel
    • Product Features
    – Supports many new applications, including FTTx and mobile/pico backhaul services
    – No separate power supply and cables
    – Low power consumption
    – Designed to interoperate with other L2/L3 switch with SFP type uplink port

  3. Specifications
    GPON • ITU-T G.984 compliant
    • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
    • Multiple T-CONTs/GEM ports per device
    • Flexible mapping between GEM port and T-CONT
    • Dying gasp
    Layer 2 • Untagged port configuration
    • IEEE 802.1D and IEEE 802.1Q bridging
    • Standard Ethernet bridging
    • MAC address learning with auto aging
    (Up to 1K MAC addresses)
    VLAN • VLAN port filtering
    • Destination address port filtering
    • Source MAC address learning
    • 32 active VLANs
    Multicast • IGMP snooping
    QoS • HW-based internal IEEE 802.1p (CoS)
    • Strict Priority (SP)
    • 802.1Q (VLAN tag) QoS mapping, ToS/CoS
    • 8 queues per port
    OAM • Standard compliant OMCI interface
    • ITU-T G984.4 and G983.2
    • Alarming and AVC report
    Flash Memory 32MB
    Uplink Port 1 GPON port (SC/PC, SFP compliant interface)
    Service Port 1 port SGMII (SerDes/SFP compliant interface)
    Operating Temp. -40 to 176°F (-40 to 80°C)
    Storge Temp. -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
    Operating Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
    Power Voltage Input: 3.14-3.46VAC
    Power Consumption 2.5W
    (W x H x D)
    2.83 x 0.49 x 0.55 in (72 x 12.5 x 14.1 mm)


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