ESPOD Central Access blade


  1. General Details

    The only true multi controller

    This base station is an essential component in ESPOD’s global WiMax solution. Based on advanced designs, this IP-based, modular base station supports multiple radio systems and features high capacity, integration, and performance, plus low power consumption. It also helps lay the foundation for network evolution.

    Its modular configuration requires fewer spare parts, which reduces equipment and maintenance costs. As a network element in a WiMax network.

  2. Technical Info
    • Integrated components reduce amount of equipment needed, their cost, and equipment room footprint
    • Simplified configuration with only a few types of boards requires fewer spare parts, facilitates maintenance, and reduces maintenance costs
    • An all-IP switching platform and interfaces ensure better performance of PS services and enable network evolution
    • A true multi-standard controller
    • Highest capacity with smallest footprint
    • Common and few hardware types
    • Traffic-adaptive node designed to cater for any traffic changes
    • Optimised for all-IP networks
    • Future-proof platform based on 40Gbps Ethernet technology.


  3. Specifications
    Parameters Specifications
    Traffic Volume (ERL) 24,000
    Number of Transceivers (TRX) 4,096
    Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D) 2,200 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm
    Height of Available Space in the Cabinet 46U
    Weight of a Single Cabinet with Full Configuration ≤ 320 kg
    Power Supply -48V DC
    Power Supply/Voltage Range -40V to -57V
    Power Consumption of a Single Subrack MPS: ≤ 1,400W

    EPS: ≤ 1,400W

    TCS: ≤ 1,000W

    Power Consumption of a Single Cabinet with Full Configuration MPR (combined BM and TC): ≤ 4,200W

    MPR (separate BM and TC): ≤ 3,200W

    TCR: ≤ 2,400W

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