NTE considers ESPOD to be a visionary fiber technology company, with many years of solid experience in FTTH CPE gateway solutions. ESPOD worked with us closely before, during and after the selection phase, which made the overall experience a very positive one for both our customers and us. Looking into the future, ESPOD has also been open-minded and solution-oriented to our new feature requests, and we therefore have great confidence in their ability to support our company in the future.

I have no doubt about buying ESPOD product as long as I get positive response to clarifications I raised about my design and the product I intend making use among ESPOD series. Reliability of installed units and extremely low failure rate, in fact I have never experienced failed units among the ones installed two years ago and even the ones installed 8-10months have been performing as expected. Like for example for the E1 converters it’s the reliability, but the product can move further if it can be designed to be IP based for management purposes. By experience I know ESPOD product is as good as buy, install and sleep as long as it fits the design for which it’s procured. I am in the business of spreading the good news of ESPOD reliability and effectiveness where others fail or might fail.

Jane Woe

Before I ordered products my most concern was quality of the product, not sure whether it will be able to work in our current network. But as a result quality product as opposed to what we have expected and the device is up to standard. What I like most is video transmission over single-strand fiber, cost saving solution. I would like to mention also prompt reply from sales staff. Overall, I had a great experience dealing with ESPOD. They are very prompt in reply and the delivery schedule of the equipment is fast.

William Woe - CEO

Our main concern before ordering products was the stability and the efficiency especially with the high temperature. So far, it is very good, very stable. Easy to configure – it is straightforward and very light. We 100 % recommend ESPOD to others.

Robert Roe - Network Specialist

Before place the orders, our main concern was if those really are reliable enough products for our customers. As a result we found, that there is no customer complaint. In my memory, most preferable feature for the products are it’s management system Another special benefits about those products are for the media converters being able to use as standalone or chassis type same time We will definitely recommend ESPOD products to other.

Jane Doe