Wireless Internet Service Providers

ESPOD Technologies provides network infrastructures and mobile backhaul for Wireless ISPs and Wireless Operators

  • Last mile connectivity equipment for Wireless ISPs
  • Wireless infrastructure solutions for WISP network
  • Greater Coverage and Throughputs
  • Reliability and Flexibility
  • QoS support
  • Triple play for Voice, Data and Video

Today, in excess of 300 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in over 35 countries around the world use ESPOD Wireless equipment in their infrastructures to provide reliable transport and last mile access solutions. The largest of these ISPs are located in Russia, China, India, Spain, Italy, the UK, Malaysia, and the United States.

ESPOD Technologies wireless equipment can be used not only for building partial or complete backbone networks but also for implementing cellular or micro-cellular structures within the framework of metropolitan area and corporate networks. Many operators have integrated our diverse range of wireless router technologies with their legacy networks and have successfully migrated, with our help, from legacy WLAN devices to true broadband solutions.

ESPOD Wireless Advantage and Solution

ESPOD Wireless’s award-winning family of wireless solutions provides Wireless ISPs and other service providers with fully flexible and configurable radio and IP products enabling them to design and build future-proof networks with best-in-class parameters, such as:

  • Greater Coverage and Throughput 
ESPOD Wireless solutions provide unmatched coverage and throughput. As an example, its cost effective, high-power Base Stations and greater capacity Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) provide an unprecedented net capacity of up to 240 Mbps per single Base Station sector and up to 50 Mbps for a single CPE.
  • Flexibility
 ESPOD Wireless supports Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint topologies, as well as a wide range of frequency bands (3.4 – 3.7 GHz and 4.9 to 6.4 GHz).
  • Reliability 
ESPOD Wireless provides unsurpassed reliability and robustness with thousands of units deployed in all parts of the world and in the most extreme environmental conditions, from the plains of Siberia to the dunes of the Sahara.
  • Network Integration
 ESPOD Wireless offers best-in-class features, including switching and routing capabilities, NAT, Firewalling, Tunneling, spectrum analyzer, DHCP, VRRP, VLAN and many more.
  • Quality-of-Service
The Quality of Service (QoS) management built into ESPOD Wireless’s solutions is designed to ensure that users receive the level of service responsiveness they demand, while expenditure on system upgrades and enhancements are kept to a minimum. All ESPOD Wireless’s solutions are delivered with built-in QoS features such as priority queuing, IP TOS/DiffServ, traffic limiting/shaping (absolute, relative, mixed) and traffic redirection.

Triple Play
All ESPOD Wireless’s solutions have been designed to provide service providers not only with high-speed data transfer capabilities but also to allow them to use the same infrastructure to carry multiple VoIP sessions and stream video traffic.