Multi-service Metro Network

Today, more than 90% of a company’s operations run on an IP network. In a challenging business environment, network technologies must be capable to provide high scalability, better user control, end-to-end simplicity, plenty of address space, application virtualization and technology-independent access to resources.

The key aspects to addressing the aforementioned challenge include: bandwidth abundance, increased reliability, and flexibility to upgrade capacity and create new services.

In the context of multi-service core & Metro networks,ESPOD Technologies provides advanced end-to-end integration services, aiming at diversifying technology domains and applications:

  • Provider networks (IP/MPLS, PE, Peering, Internet Edge).
  • Subscriber aggregation (BRAS, BNG).
  • Metro aggregation & access.
  • IPv6 transition services & technologies.
  • Service control & traffic optimization.
  • “Cloud ready” provider networks.

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the telecom business, ESPOD Technologies has the capabilities to offer state-of-the-art network solutions, for circuit-switched and packet-switched applications, to satisfy any demanding customer.


  • Enhanced TCO through network simplification.
  • Lower CapEx through the use of best-of-breed products from multiple vendors.
  • Lower OpEx as resulted from the utilization of converged network technologies.
  • Streamlined introduction of new services.
  • Overall, enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE).