Mobile Backhaul

Today’s rapidly escalating data mobility requirements demand sharply increased capacity from mobile networks. Mobile operators are challenged to boost the capacity of their backhaul networks without disrupting existing services and customer quality of experience. They struggle with capacity limitations, restricted backhaul spectrum availability and the need to maintain high-quality, legacy services.

Simultaneously, operators are preparing their network for high-speed, IP-based services in a world of falling data revenues. In order to cope, operators are modernizing their networks with packet technology while preparing for or deploying 4G/ LTE networks. They require network solutions that boost capacity today while offering uninterrupted, cost-effective expansion to meet the requirements of tomorrow.

ESPOD Technologies delivers innovative solutions that maximize backhaul network capacity cost-effectively while providing seamless modernization and ensuring 4G/LTE readiness.

With decades of global experience and a specialist’s in-depth understanding of wireless technologies and mobile network trends, Ceragon solutions provide more capacity under any given network scenario for any network budget. We enable operators to maximize the efficiency of their legacy, hybrid and all-packet networks while providing seamless operation and flexibility to meet the demands of the future all along the way.

ESPOD Technologies solutions for mobile networks

ESPOD Technologies leads the industry with a record of innovations that deliver the highest throughput for the most efficient use of any given radio spectrum. Our accelerators boost throughput even further over any network topology and distance.

Among our latest innovations are:

  • MultiCore radios
  • 4×4 MIMO
  • Programmable network processors
  • SDN-enabled
  • Asymmetric bandwidth delivery
  • Traffic optimization

With the industry’s most complete wireless menu, we offer future-proof solutions for tail, nodal and hub configurations for access and aggregation backhaul. Our customers deploy our equipment in TDM, hybrid and all-packet configurations with the flexibility to modernize as needs change.