Enterprise Solutions

ESPOD Technologies Business Connectivity solution offered to operators and service providers can offer tailored Ethernet services to business customers according to their needs. The most commonly offered business solutions include the L2 VPN services portfolio and Data Center connections. The Business Connectivity architecture allows operators to offer a variety of Ethernet E-Line and E-LAN services with a full set of QoS and traffic management capabilities.

UNIs can be provisioned on any access port on any access blade. This gives operators and service providers limitless possibilities to create point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint EVCs or MEF-defined E-line and E-LAN services. A centralized management point within the Iskratel Carrier Ethernet architecture enables flexible Ethernet service provisioning in real time. For the operators and service providers, such an approach decreases the operational costs while allowing proper policy enforcement and service provisioning across the entire Carrier Ethernet network.