• Complete end-to-end ADSL2+ solution from central MSAN, remote MSAN and DSLAM, residential gateways/bonding gateways/VoIP IAD to SOHO security gateways
  • Excellent performance from service plans tailor-made for individual service providers
  • Support Annex A/L/M

ADSL2+ (ITU G.992.5) doubles the bandwidth used for downstream data transmission, which effectively doubles the maximum downstream data rates, to achieve rates up to 20 Mbps on telephone lines as long as 1,524 meters. ADSL2+ solutions will interoperate with ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+. ADSL2+ includes all the feature and performance benefits of ADSL2 while maintaining the capability to interoperate with legacy ADSL equipment.

The demand for greater bandwidth for Internet never stops rising. No matter it’s for multimedia applications or a more cost-effective means for enterprise connectivity, vendors are not only expanding their lineup with new models, they are adding value with new features as well. Today, ADSL2+ is the mainstream xDSL modem technology and the most deployed one in the world.

ADSL2+ provides Internet access via standard copper phone lines while it still allows users to make phone calls over the same line. ADSL2+ boosts this to 24 Mbps over the same phone lines and connection distance of up to 1,828.8 meters.

ESPOD Technologies targets the MSAN and ADSL2/2+ CPE functionalities at improving performance, interoperability and supports to new applications, services and deployment scenarios. Among the changes are improvements in data rate and reach performance, rate adaptation, diagnostics and standby mode, etc.

The main “Better Rate and Reach” enhancement of ADSL2/2+ improves modulation efficiency, reduces framing overhead, achieves higher coding gain, improves the initialization state machine and provides enhanced signal processing algorithms. ESPOD Technologies offers a complete end-to-end ADSL2+ solution with Annex A/B/L/M. Annex L can extend the coverage distance to up to 609.6 meters, while Annex M can support doubled upstream bandwidth of ADSL2+ Annex A/B.

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