ESPOD ES2000 Plus

A range of broadband wireless access solutions including a complete solution for a managed wireless access network implementing efficient 3G/4G data offloading based on Wi-Fi technology, and an advanced XGP system.

  1. General Details

    ES2000 Plus is a compact carrier-grade Multi-Service Gateway that combines routing, switching, WLAN gateway and access point controller functionality into a unified high-performance system. The product provide centralized control and configuration management, load balancing, L2/L3 roaming, RF control and many other functions. This centralized approach with all-in-one integrated system helps to reduce CAPEX related to network deployment, and optimize OPEX of network operation.

    ES2000 Plus provides an excellent data offloading solution to 3G/4G mobile network operators, allowing them to optimize operating costs while offering higher bandwidth availability to their subscribers through up to 20 000 access points supported per single MSG2000 Plus chassis.

    ES2000 Plus is built bsed on a reliable modular architecture for simple scalability and easy maintenance, and support full redundancy for high system availability.

  2. Techical Info
    • All-in-one integration: Access Controller, WLAN gateway, BRAS, Large Scale NAT etc.
    • Unified central management platform
    • CAPWAP/EtherIP tunnel
    • High capacity & performance: up to 20K APs, 440K users per system, with DHCP and Authentication serving at 1400 users/sec
    • Advanced wireless networking features including centralized AP management, intelligent RF management, rogue/ interference AP detection, loading balance, seamless L2/L3 roaming; Hotspot 2.0*
    • OSPF Routing in Core Network
    • Broadcast Suppression
    • Multiple access options, various authentication modes
    • High availability design and full redundancy
    • Multi-vendor AP support (API for integration)
  3. Network Architecture


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