ESPOD AC controller

Deploy and Manage a Highly Scalable, Worry-Free WLAN

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  1. General Details

    AC6000 is an AC controller for wireless AP produced by ESPOD Technologies it can manage, control and monitor 300PCS AP in the same networking diagram simultaneous. It makes wifi solution in hotel, school, industrial, super market, restaurant more easy in setting, control, monitor, then wireless networking more stable.
    It supports PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP and PPTP, with 5 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port, with function of QoS, MAC fliter, Tag VLAN; AC6000 can work as gigabit router or switch if required. Saved much networking equipment cost and human cost.
    As some hotels like to position the WiFi or Internet connectivity as charge service or advertisement service, AC6000’s WiFidog and WEB portal Authentication function full satisfy client’s request.


  2. Technical Info
    • Detect wireless AP auto, max 300PCS wireless AP can be managed
      1.Auto-IP detection and assignment: AC6000 can detect all connected wireless AP, then assign an IP address for each AP automatically;
      2.Manage and control: AC6000 can set AP’s SSID, Password, channel at the same time; It’s easy to operate AP,like upgrading firmware, restarting, resetting , then adjust subscriber’s QTY, wireless coverage, transmit power, making wireless signal more stable, improve wireless networking quality.
      3.Tag VLAN: AC6000 support tag VLAN to manage AP, maximum 24 VLAN supportive. Connected with VLAN switch, deployed in networking as the bypass mode, it can realize information communication between each VLAN.
      4.Real Time Monitor and Analyze:  AC6000 will monitor and analyze wireless AP all the time, then show AP’s working status on Web manage page, make maintainer easy to maintain the whole networking.


    • Support Web management and Web remote Management
      AC6000 support Web management, simple and clear. Then it support Web remote management, if the maintainer in another city, easy to control this AC controller by remote management, then monitor and maintenance the whole networking, saved much cost like human cost and transportation cost.


    • Gigabit WAN/LAN Port, QoS function support, work as Gateway in the network
      AC6000 with 5*10/100/1000Mbps WAN/LAN ports, can work as main router through PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP and PPTP, then support QoS, it supply faster and stable ADSL, Optical Internet.


    • Variety Security method to guarantee the networking safety.
      AC6000 support TAG VLAN to binding SSID,different SSID can bound with different Tag Vlan, then make different SSID isolated to ensure data security.
      Besides that, AC6000 support multi firewall function: IP port filtering, MAC filtering, URL filtering, Port forwarding, DMZ… This allows user to access the networking in rules to protect and ensure the special networking application in safe, such as internet bank, FTP, H.323, IPSec/PPTP VPN.


    • With TF Card slot, storage and share files easy
      AC6000’s with TF Card slot, can work as storage server, SUB server, DLNA and TFP server to realize file sharing.


    • Web Portal Authentication and WiFiDog support
      AC6000’s support Web Portal Authentication, can realize advertisement service and display information in hotel, shopping mall, restaurant…
      Besides that, AC6000 support WiFiDog make it is embed into cloud server to supply captive portal authentication, allow users to create wireless internet access account using email access, provides gateway uptime statistics and connection specific and user log statistics.
      Pls note, Web Portal Authentication and WiFiDog function work under Gateway operation mode.
  3. Specifications
    Hardware Data
    Model AC6000
    QTY of manageable AP Default: 200PCSMax: 300PCS
    CPU MT7621, 880MHz
    FLAH 16M
    DDR3 512M
    Interface 5 10/100/1000M Gigabit RJ45 Port1 Reset Button
    Dimension 440mm x200 mm x 45mm
    Power 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
    power consumption < 5W
    Weight <2.5KGS
    Working Temperature -20℃~ 45℃
    Working Humanity 10% ~ 90%RH (No condensation)
    Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 70℃
    Storage Humanity 5% ~ 90%RH (No condensation)
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