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  1. General Details

    ESPOD G08A multi-service access SDH / MSTP equipment is a single-plate with STM-1, supports E1, Ethernet and V.35 service interfaces and others. G08A meets end-to-end SDH optical network by deploying miniaturized MSTP device. Not only did it meet customers’ demand for basic access, but also higher demands for bandwidth access; end-to-end SDH / MSTP network is able to provide more reliable protection and safer isolation for some key industrial customers. This ADM type SDH / MSTP equiqment which with 2 STM-1 optical interfaces, applies to the multi-service insert point of ring or chain transmission network .

  2. Technical Info

    Voice Capacity

    • Certified by MIIT, compatible to other manufacturers SDH / MSTP / MSAP equipment
    • Multi-service ADM equipment, suitable for forming ring and chain networks, support MSP and SNCP protection
    • Standard STM-1 optical interface, which provides single fiber transmission, different wavelengths, Light Power and other interface options
    • Support STM-1 double optical protection, can be configured for 1 +1 backup or East-West transport, can be achieved star, chain and ring network
    • Maximum support 8 E1, 4 FE, 1 V.35 interfaces

    Data Network

    • Excellent clock synchronization: timing system can work in tracking, maintaining and free oscillation mode, indicators fully consistent with the ITU-T G.813 ; support multiple clock input/output interfaces
    • Ethernet service mapping using GFP/VC-12 and LCAS
    • Ethernet port supports QinQ double VLAN and VLAN Trunk, sets the Ethernet port via network management with flexible bandwidth , provides good QoS guarantee

    Firewall & security 

    • E1 interface meets the ITU-T G .703 with built-in error test and loopback test
    • V.35 supports framing and non-framing, software/hardware Time Slo setting under framing and DCE and DTE
    • Dual-mode power supply: select DC-48V DC or a wide range 100 ~ 240V AC
  3. Specifications


    • Support remote SNMP network management

    Complete alarm, configuration, capability, security management

    • Many alarm indications, including remote power-down device and broken fiber alarm
    • Support online upgrade and update of firmware
    • Support NE(Network Element) automatic discovery, easy to achive NE and topology management


    • Operating voltage: DC-48V/AC 220V (single power supply or AC-DC dual power supply)
    • Power consumption: ≤ 15W
    • Size: standard 19-inch rack-mounted with 1U height, (W × H × D) 482 mm × 45 mm × 300 mm
    • 2 aggregation STM-1/4 s
    • 8 x E1
    • 4 x EOS Channel
    • 8 x FXS/FXO/V.24/Magntel

    Maximum link

    • 1 x V.35 converter(Optional)
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