References & Success stories

ESPOD, one of world’s leading telecommunications equipment and solutions providers, has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications, over 1000 employees worldwide and prides itself with its own R&D and manufacturing.

Knowhow based on decades of firsthand experience with designing and manufacturing communication equipment reaches back to 1995 when the company developed its first electromechanical exchange. Over the years company gained a leading technological position while so-crafting telecommunication trends and protocols. ESPOD’s knowledge treasury covers technologies such as EWSD, V5.x based exchanges, ISDN, VoIP, NGN, IMS, VoLTE and even all broadband wired and wireless access technologies. Our in-depth intimate understanding of all and every legacy telecommunication product and protocol combined with overall field proven experience and strong historical presence in telecommunications forefront enables our products and solutions to be state of the art.

Independent certification organizations, thousands of deployments on every continent and numerous customer success stories and testimonials confirm ESPOD’s strong case.